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Well without Pets FarmVille2 it is like Land Without Farmers & with the incresing levels of Farmville2 new Pets have started to appear which are not only Rare rather they provide with large amount of Xp on their Care, so the Farmers can Excel to next levels. One of the Upcoming Pet include this “Lion Headed Rabbit”

Inorder to lay your hands on this Adorable Rabbit a small mission needs to be acomplished and IT IS YOURS.

Loin Rabbit

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All’s well that starts well

The village children want to raise money to help animals. They decided to organize a great day grooming. What would you say to give them a helping hand?

  • 15 corn harvest soon
  • Drawing water in 2 wells for grooming animals
  • Performs actions in five farms your neighbors to tell them about the day grooming

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Hand me a soap

To wash an animal, you need a bucket.

  • Recovers at least five buckets
  • Fed 2 adults waiting to wash hair
  • Factory 2 leather purses for the children to put the money in a safe place

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Cleanliness is a virtue

Ah yes, of course! Who says grooming, said soap.

  • Collect 10 pine logs if possible, or any other tree
  • Goats fed 5 adults to prepare them for grooming
  • Factory 1 soap to wash your pets

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Grooming the nuts

For a clean and clear coat, use shampoo.

  • Gets 5 shampoos for pets spotless
  • 15 wheat harvest to prepare a small snack
  • Factory 3 pecan muffins to make me happy

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Prepare cupcakes for the kids to offer the day grooming.

Take care 2 times your rabbit for wool
4 orange harvest for cupcakes
Factory 3 cupcakes with orange

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– Solution turkey hand

Nothing like a beautiful decoration to attract maximum customers.

Turkeys fed four adults to get pretty feathers
Fed five adult sheep for wool
Factory 3 feather charms to attract attention

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–Hot and dry

Once washed, the animals must be dried. This is very important!

Gets 5 dry animals for animals soaked dry
Four adult hens fed
Factory 3 skin trunks for the kids to carry all the equipment

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– Swiss Specialty

Children will need to refuel energy to keep you going all day. I know exactly what we need!

Uses 3 times your pen cows for Swiss cheese
5 adults fed cows for fresh milk although you need
Factory 3 rolls Swiss cheese to provide children with a good dose of protein and calcium


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